Christine McCaffrie _ In Pursuit of Happiness

Christine McCaffrie

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    The manuscript of 'An Imperfect Circle' has been published under the title of 'In Pursuit of Happiness'.  


In Pursuit of Happiness

Christine McCaffrie

Georgia Sills and Charles Ravenwood have lives that leave little to be desired. Born in England into a life of wealth and privilege in the ascendancy of the British Empire, they are about to marry, unlike many of their contemporaries, for love. But on their wedding day they are suddenly and mysteriously separated. From that day, their lives change dramatically. Will they ever meet again?

Set in Victorian England and rural Australia in the gold rush era, survival is paramount for Georgia and Charles, as they try to come to terms with their separation, in a challenging and unpredictable environment.


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In Pursuit of Happiness has been published as an e-book.


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