Christine McCaffrie



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  Review by Wendy O’Hanlon      

WHAT begins as a story of young Aussie men going to war and glory during the World War One conflict changes into a whole new story about life, death, reincarnation, love and eternal hope.

Author Christine McCaffrie has a vivid imagination and an equally vivid talent with the pen. This big novel spans almost a century and introduces so many believable Aussie characters. The storyline is new, different, unique and thus a very substantial meal for the avid literary lover.

We first meet Matt and Artie as they are dying on the battlefields of Gallipoli - young men from a NSW country town with thoughts of adventure and glory. They come from good families, have high hopes, the world beckons. Matt loves his family and has a particular friendship with a young Aboriginal girl. Her family’s matriach, Molly, has a gift of knowing the future. This lady, Molly, gives Matt a special token before he goes to war to keep him safe.

Flash forward to 2005 and we again meet Matt who is recovering from a head trauma  accident. Everyone knows him as Damo – Matt died at Gallipoli almost 100 years ago. But it is Matt who has woken up in this body and does not understand the modern world. The story even continues into our future.

This is great stuff, great fiction. And there are long associations in this story between female and male characters. Again, a great imagination matched by excellent writing skills.

 Wendy O’Hanlon


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